There are a number of different ways you can improve energy-efficiency around your home, one of which is that of installing a solar energy system. When you take a few cost-effective measures around your home, you can save money and boost performance. Installing the right systems in your home can eliminate increased costs and prevent performance issues. With so many different options available, you want to do everything you can to improve energy-efficiency without feeling like you are spending more than you are saving. To help you along the way, check out some of the options below.

Insulate the attic and walls.

When you have effective insulation inside of your home, it helps to slow down the amount of heat flow out of your home during the winter or into your home during the summer. This means that your home isn’t going to need as much energy to keep it at the desired temperature. The best thing you can do is to turn to an energy auditor to look at the property and see where insulation can be added to minimize the high energy bills.

Replace or upgrade your windows.

If you have a bunch of old or leaky windows, you might want to look into replacing them with some of the energy-efficient models today. By eliminating single-pane windows and replacing them with a double-pane window, you can enjoy an increased comfort level and ample cost savings each month on your energy bill.

Install a solar energy system.

Solar energy systems are designed to help save money and improve the value of your home. They can store as much as six kilowatts of energy each day, which can help you cut your energy costs by around $300-500 or more each month. The best things about these systems is that you don’t have to perform a ton of maintenance on them either.

Swap out your furnace with a newer model.

Furnaces built prior to 1992 with standing pilots waste around 35 percent in total fuel usage. You want a new furnace with a 90 percent efficiency rate minimum. This way it is only wasting 10 percent of all the natural gas purchased. In the end, you could end up saving around 27 percent off your energy bill.

Improve your hot water system.

The first thing you want to do is to turn the temperature down on your hot water heater. Then, insulate all of the lines running to the system so they don’t end up cooling down as quick between use. Install a low-flow fixture in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else water comes into the home. You could also discuss the benefits of installing an on-demand circulating loop to facilitate the delivery of hot water to the fixtures in your home.

Regardless of whether you are looking for solar energy systems or something else, there are a number of ways you can improve the energy-efficiency and start saving money in the here and now. Schedule a consultation with one of the professionals today.

Nov 30, 2016 By admin